Lux Horizontal Cedar Vertical 1 Lite


Doors NOT Kept in stock and must be ordered in.
Please contact us for lead times on 1300 263 349
Usually 7-14 days

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Size (Height x Width)

2040x1000x50, 2040x1020x50, 2040x1100x50, 2040x1120x50, 2040x1130x50, 2040x1200x50, 2040x1230x50, 2040x1300x50, 2040x1400x50, 2040x1430x50, 2040x1500x50, 2040x820x50, 2040x870x50, 2040x920x50, 2040x970x50, 2100x1000x50, 2100x1020x50, 2100x1100x50, 2100x1120x50, 2100x1130x50, 2100x1200x50, 2100x1230x50, 2100x1300x50, 2100x1400x50, 2100x1430x50, 2100x1500x50, 2100x820x50, 2100x870x50, 2100x920x50, 2100x970x50, 2340x1000x50, 2340x1020x50, 2340x1100x50, 2340x1120x50, 2340x1130x50, 2340x1200x50, 2340x1230x50, 2340x1300x50, 2340x1400x50, 2340x1430x50, 2340x1500x50, 2340x820x50, 2340x870x50, 2340x920x50x, 2340x970x50, 2370x1000x50, 2370x1020x50, 2370x1100x50, 2370x1120x50, 2370x1130x50, 2370x1200x50, 2370x1230x50, 2370x1300x50, 2370x1400x50, 2370x1430x50, 2370x1500x50, 2370x1540x50, 2370x820x50, 2370x870x50, 2370x920x50, 2370x970x50, 2400x1000x50, 2400x1020x50, 2400x1100x50, 2400x1120x50, 2400x1130x50, 2400x1200x50, 2400x1230x50, 2400x1300x50, 2400x1400x50, 2400x1430x50, 2400x1500x50, 2400x820x50, 2400x870x50, 2400x920x50, 2400x970x50, 2430x1000x50, 2430x1020x50, 2430x1100x50, 2430x1120x50, 2430x1130x50, 2430x1200x50, 2430x1230x50, 2430x1300x50, 2430x1400x50, 2430x1430x50, 2430x1500x50, 2430x820x50, 2430x870x50, 2430x920x50, 2430x970x50, 2530x1000x50, 2530x1020x50, 2530x1100x50, 2530x1120x50, 2530x1130x50, 2530x1200x50, 2530x1230x50, 2530x1300x50, 2530x1400x50, 2530x1430x50, 2530x1500x50, 2530x820x50, 2530x870x50, 2530x920x50, 2530x970x50, 2630x1000x50, 2630x1020x50, 2630x1100x50, 2630x1120x50, 2630x1130x50, 2630x1200x50, 2630x1230x50, 2630x1300x50, 2630x1400x50, 2630x1430x50, 2630x1500x50, 2630x1540x50, 2630x820x50, 2630x870x50, 2630x920x50, 2630x970x50




Clear, Trans Lam, Unglazed


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