Exterior Features

Cladding and Fences

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but we at 2nd Fix Doors and Hardware Adelaide know that many of us judge the exterior of each other’s homes. A stylish way to set you apart from the neighbours, we offer the installation of exterior cladding for a modern, streamlined aesthetic.

Continuing along this trend Matrix Cladding is proving popular with modern offices wishing to project an impressive corporate image, as this stunning exterior detail provides the look of new commercial developments at an affordable price.

Finally, we also install a number of stylish fences that not only look amazing, but will protect your family and your business.

Enquire today about adding one of our many eye-catching exterior features to your property.

Carport, Verandahs and Decking

Nowadays it seems like every member of the family owns their own car and often your old, existing carport doesn’t meet your needs; this is where we can come in. We can extend, renovate or create an entirely new structure to perfectly suit your family or business requirements. Protect your cars from the elements today with our structurally sound and visually impressive carports.

We are also very experienced in installing a wide range of verandahs that are built to survive the elements for both residential and commercial properties, 2ndFIX Carpentry Services is the perfect choice to keep you covered year round.

Lastly, with our Australian culture of BBQs and outdoor dining, 2ndFIX can erect a stylish, weather resistant and durable decking that can serve as a stylish outdoor entertaining area, pool surround, or be suitable for any number of other garden needs.

Contact us today for outdoor features that give you time to relax and enjoy socialising, all while having the peace of mind that your house and car are protected.

Assemble Flat Pack

Have you bought an amazing piece of flat-pack furniture but are struggling to assemble it yourself? Our expert team can come to you and quickly, and professionally, assemble your pieces to ensure they last. Contact us today to arrange a time and get those fabulous furnishings out on display as soon as possible.

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