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  • Versatile designs allow you to make each room in your home an individual masterpiece
  • Designed for noisy families
  • Premium quality solid construction


The Humecraft is a range of high quality internal solid doors featuring broad square carved designs on both sides. Matching bi-folds add to their versatility. All models are of solid construction and bi-folds are supplied with all the fittings required for installation.


Standard Size(s)



Special Sizes

Min 1990x400x35

Max 2400x1200x35 



Approx 35kg based on 2040x820x35mm door

Additional information

Door Finish

Primed MDF, SPM

Door Size

Min 1990x410x35 – Max 2400x1200x35, Standard – 2040x520x35, Standard – 2040x620x35, Standard – 2040x720x35, Standard – 2040x770x35, Standard – 2040x820x35, Standard – 2040x870x35, Standard – 2040x920x35, Standard – 2340x520x35, Standard – 2340x620x35, Standard – 2340x720x35, Standard – 2340x770x35, Standard – 2340x820x35


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