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Barn Door D06

Barn Door D06 – Made of solid pine, comes with primer paint (oil based PU clear paint, to keep the door’s structural stability), you can still paint or stain it to the colour you like (just remember to use oil based paint).

It has slot on the bottom for the floor guide, ready to be installed;


 Material Solid Pine
 Available Size


What size barn door do you need?

Usually the barn door needs to cover the whole opening, it could be the same hight as the opening but must be larger than the width of the opening. For large opening you can consider not only single but also double sliding barn doors

Door Size Opening Width Opening Height
2120x830x40MM W < 790MM H < 2120MM
2120x930x40MM 790MM < W < 890MM H < 2120MM
2120x1030x40MM 890MM < W < 990MM H < 2120MM
2120x1220x40MM 990MM < W < 1180MM H < 2120MM
2120x1520x40MM 1180MM < W < 1480MM H < 2120MM
2400x830x40MM W < 790MM 2120MM < H < 2400MM
2400x930x40MM 790MM < W < 890MM 2120MM < H < 2400MM
2400x1030x40MM 890MM < W < 990MM 2120MM < H < 2400MM
2400x1230x40MM 990MM < W < 1190MM 2120MM < H < 2400MM

If there is archive around the opening, it is better to fully cover the archives;

Still not sure what size you need? Contact us anytime

We do custom sized barn doors for you

If you couldn’t find a suitable size, we can do custom size barn door for you, tell us the opening measurement, we quote for you for free.


We can do installations for SA customers, contact us for more details;

To install this system, the wall must be strong enough. For plaster wall we recommend to attach a piece of timber board (For example,  2m rail, we use 2000x42x18mm timber) on the wall first, then screw the rail on the timber board;

Additional information

Door Size

2120x1030x40mm, 2120x1220x40mm, 2120x1520x40MM, 2120x830x40mm, 2120x930x40mm, 2400x1030x40mm, 2400x1230x40mm, 2400x830x40mm, 2400x930x40mm